Mission & Vision

OKSEF | Mission & Vision


To encourage to high school students to do scientific and technological research, 

To contribute to the growth of young people who learn ethical rules during the scientific research, these rules are passed on to them as individuals with righteousness in their lives, 

To raise generations who do scientific research, produce projects, open to newness, questioning, who embrace Ataturk's principles and revolutions, who are confident and enjoy their work, 

Make to do scientific and cultural exchanges by bringing it together young people from the same age group around the world, 

To competitions abroad, to make the participation of young people's projects as a representative, to enlarge their visions and to have a say in the international platform.


At national and international level, to lead the development of science and technology and ensuring the upbringing of the individuals who can find solutions to problem of environment, health, energy, by doing scientific researches on the problems related to technology and by producing projects, able to apply the knowledge learned, questionable, able to benefit from information technology.

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