Ministry of Education Approval

OKSEF | Ministry of Education Approval

Name of The Competition:OKSEF (Oğuzhan Özkaya Education - Karademir Science Energy Engineering Fair)

Organizing Institution: Oğuzhan Özkaya Educational Institution

Aim of The Competition: The primary objective of educational and scientific institutions is to teach how to learn the language of science at a young age, and taste and enjoy doing research anywhere in the world and by using it to reach everything. Oğuzhan Özkaya Educational Institution aims to educate their students in order to make them “Scientists of Future” by providing them an environment to develop the ideas they are curious about and give them facilities do research.

Content of the competition:Students of High School and their equivalents.

Participation Fee: 400€


Branches of the competitions:

1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Biology
4. Energy – Engineering
5. Mathematics– Computer 


Terms of the Applications for Candidates:

1. Students of high schools, grades 9 through 12 and their equivalents can participate in the competition.

2. Research projects will be in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Energy -Engineering and Mathematics– Computer, Robotics fields.

3. A student, or group of students, may not exhibit more than one project a year. Projects can be prepared by one student or a group (max.3 students) and a teacher.

4. Project reports should include the aim of the study, introduction, material and methods, conclusions, discussion, references and acknowledgment. Report should be written in compliance with the rules specified on, and they should exceed 300 words.

5. All the participants’ projects should be appropriate for the field that they are competing. Projects must be done using scientific methods.

6. All projects must comply with the ethical rules.

7. It is highly recommended to wear business/formal attire for opening and award ceremonies and throughout the project presentations. Casual attire is recommended for the excursions.

8. Projects will be evaluated by the academic members of the university. Judges may change the branch of the project based on the content.

9. Evaluation of projects will be based on creativity and originality, literature, scientific thinking, scientific method, data management, results, application, skills and research efforts. There will be no appealing against the results of the assessments.

10. Project applications should be made online ( Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

11. Projects that are worth exhibiting will be notified by e-mail.

12. Projects exhibitions will be at Oğuzhan Özkaya Educational Institution between 11/06/2019 and 15/06/2019. All the tables and boards used for the exhibitions will be provided by our institutions. Please check our website for the measures (sizes) of stalls and posters ( 

13. Project presentations should not exceed 10 minutes. It is recommended to prepare .ppt presentations.

14. It is advised for the projects owners to apply for the patent before they are exhibited if the projects have commercial value. 

15. The participation fee is €400, inclusive of a single person with full board accommodation including all transfers, dining, and excursions and cultural program.

16. OKSEF Culture Night will be held for the students from different countries to get together and experience a wide variety of ethnic and cultural food, music, and traditional dances. All participants are invited to promote and share their culture and country within 10 minutes with their traditional costumes. We encourage every group to bring cultural items to display as well as small gifts to exchange with others.

17. In each category, there will be awards for the first place and two runners-up, and incentive awards. All the participants including all students and teachers will get certificates of attendance. 

18. Projects will be eliminated if they are not appropriate to the terms of the competitions and the rules of organization committee. All the project owners are obliged to act in accordance with Ministry of Education regulations.

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